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Technology Matters
Driving the digital transformation of society to help improve people’s lives globally
Connecting the entrepreneurial community
We promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem by connecting startups, investors, corporations and research centers to build strong relations fostering growth and scalability
The Collider
The Collider is an innovation programme that connects scientific and entrepreneurial talent to create disruptive technology-based startups that address society’s and industry’s challenges. The programme focuses on the identification and business development of highly disruptive technologies. The Collider encourages the participation of prestigious research centres and universities to build new tech transfer mechanisms and supports the creation of digital startups.
Introducing change through digital solutions
‎App Store 上的“小火箭Speed-极速网络助手”:2021-3-17 · ‎小火箭Speed-极速网络助手是一款专门为手机用户提供各种网络测速,宽带测速,延迟测试,专业、精准的测速工具。 一键解决3G,4G,5G,wifi网络测速。帮你寻找最佳网络。 全球节点,支持全球测速。 精美简洁的UI,实时图表,数据简单明了。 历史数据一览无遗。 多机型适配,支持iPhone,iPad和iTouch …
5G Barcelona
5G Barcelona is a public-private initiative transforming the metropolitan area of Barcelona into an open and neutral urban laboratory for the validation and adoption of 5G technologies and applications in a real city environment. 5G Barcelona is an innovative project promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona City Hall, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, i2CAT, CTTC, Atos and the UPC.
The 5G National Observatory defines studies and initiatives that analyse, evaluates and monitors 5G projects and programmes developed in Spain. It boosts entrepreneurial ecosystems to facilitate the creation and growth of technology companies that use 5G to develop services and applications.
Promoting digital skills and competitiviness
We foster the empowerment of new generations and citizens to assure that the digital transformation process doesn’t leave anyone behind
Barcelona Digital Talent
Barcelona Digital Talent is an alliance between key players of the digital ecosystem in Barcelona that coordinates current initiatives under a common strategy and promotes new projects to foster talent. The programme ensures the alignment between the needs of companies and digital talent initiatives, helps citizens to develop new digital skills and positions Barcelona as a global digital talent capital.
IOS APP Shadowrocket 小火箭 下载 ⋆ PopMars-专注共享资源:2021-3-12 · IOS APP Shadowrocket 小火箭 下载 苹果APP ⋆ IOS APP Shadowrocket 小火箭 下载 苹果APP ⋆ 0 首页 电脑软件 手机软件 苹果APP ... 在Iphone上扫描纸质文件转换成word、pdf 、等格式——扫描全能王 2021年3月12日 如何正确利用小火箭进行科学上网 ...
Sharing spaces for reflection on the impact of technology on society
We drive social progress in the digital economy by shaping the impact of technology on society through citizen empowerment
Digital Future Society
Digital Future Society (DFS) is a global programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona that seeks to build an inclusive, equitable and sustainable future in the digital era. To this end, DFS engages technology and social science experts to explore, experiment and exchange knowledge in four key areas: public innovation, digital trust and security, Inclusion and citizen empowerment and equitable growth.
Mobile Week
iphone小火箭Shadowrocket使用v2ray节点教程 – ssr节点:1 天前 · iphone小火箭Shadowrocket使用v2ray节点教程: 因政策原因,这Shadowrocket应用在国内app store上无法搜索到。需要登陆国外id购买后才可以下载,如果没有国外iphone id,请使用 iphone国外id共 …
Mobile World Capital Barcelona broadens the impact of MWC Barcelona on the territory and the economy with initiatives and events taking place throughout the year
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